Special Event Days and Day Notes

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I am copying some info from another post, as it started out as a comment on a different topic, you can see that full post and comment here.

Posted from Millie:  Also on another note, there are events that don't need a start and end time so an (all day) choice for time would be great to have, like for announcements that everyone needs to know about.

Posted from Adrienne: I love the all-day event note idea!  I may have to make that a separate post! ;-)

Posted from Karen Komlos, Official Rep: Hi.  Most people use Special Days to post all day event notes.
Now that everyone is caught up, to continue the discussion below... ;-)

The problem with using the Special Days feature is that is not customizable enough.  Any Special Day you put in, marks the day in the calendar with the bright green, which is great and something I like for seeing holidays at a glance, but I don't need or want this for any other special days - our whole month would be filled with green!  

I only want actual Holidays and maybe Holy Days to show in the bright green - we need to be able to differentiate them from the rest (see above screenshot of March 10-11, I added a special collection using Special Day and it shows up just like a Holiday in the bright green).  Any other Special Days we put in the system usually fall into other categories and don't "NEED" to be shown on the small overall month calendar view.  But it would be nice if they could show up in the calendar view as a different color or a couple of different colors depending on the type of Special Day.  (Maybe bright green for main Government Holidays like it is now, and a separate darker green or blue for major Feast/Holy Days (maybe split diagonally like the yellow and green is now) since some days will need to have more than 1 color), and another color like peach or pink for other special days like Special Collections? or take it even further and let us pick the color for each special day separately....but I digress;-) 

BTW - I know the yellow indicates something is scheduled on that day...but for us, there is never a "white - nothing scheduled" day unless it is over a year in advance away which we haven't scheduled yet, so having the yellow show doesn't matter at our church much...as something is always scheduled!

 We currently use the following 3 methods for our "Special Days":

1. A Facility called "NOTES" (so we can assign Groups or Organizations to it on the day needed)  -  things like Catholic Schools Week, Grandparents Day, 1/2 Day or Late Start for the School Facilities, etc.  Lots of these NOTES are things that only apply to the school or certain facilities on campus for that day.

2. A Facility called "THEME" AND an Organization called "Theme", and one called "Holiday" so we can put notes in for the day it occurs.  "Theme" is generally things like, RE Congress, Ministry Fair, Priests on Retreat, Special Collection Sundays, Catechetical Sunday, etc.  but can be used for something that pertains to a special something like 1st Communions when it is going on at all the Masses that day. 

And "Holiday" is used for Days like Mother's Day where the office is closed, and 1/2 Day Office Closures like Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, Holy Thursday and Good Friday and even stuff that should really be using the "Special Day" like Mother's Day, except for the fact that we don't want it to show in green like the main government holidays. ;-)

But these Facilities "THEME" and "NOTES" were not easy to find in the calendar view since you have to scroll over so far to see them, so we had to add an extra blank space before the name so it shows 1st in the list (before "A" since the facilities list alphabetically).

In this particular example below, we had to use both a NOTE and a THEME.  The "NOTE" Facility uses the organization "School Activity" so it shows up on reports for the school.  And the "Theme" Facility just uses the organization "Theme" for a general note for the day that applies to the whole Parish.(in this case RE Congress).  In the screenshot below, we used "Theme" to show that there would be 1st communions going on at all the masses.

3. An Organization called "Pulpit Talks"  We put this on Sundays when we are doing a special speaker so that we don't have more than one speaker following the homily at all the Masses. but it is easy to miss...as it only shows up on the calendar view before the 1st Mass of the day at 7:30. But it often coincides with a Special Day or Collection so I have included it here.

Sorry that was a lot, but I thought you would like to know how we are using what we have now so you can better understand what we need.

To recap:  It would be so nice to have the ability to have 2 different ways of putting a "Special Day" or "Day Note" on the schedule.

One is just enhancing the Special Day option you already have in the software to be able to accommodate the different colors to differentiate Holidays and Holy Days and Special Collection Days So we could put a Parish Wide "Note" at the top of the screen under the similar to this, but have it show in a different color from the Holiday bright green:

And two, to have a stationary (so it doesn't move when you scroll down) "NOTE" line below each Facility heading so each Facility could have a seperate Note that could apply to the whole day.

Thanks for listening (reading)!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Honestly that seems like so much extra work. Just give us an all day choice and we can put in our special collections or notes about catholic schools week or when someone is on vacation. That would solve this issue and make our jobs easier for this sort of thing. The special day thing and the colors makes it so complicated when it could be so simple. Make the start time day all day and the end time all day and you’re done. Simple.
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This is great stuff.  Adrienne, thank you for the specific examples.  And Millie, thank you for the second perspective.  I will see what I can do for both views in our version 9 update.  Keep this good stuff coming!
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This is great information and would be helpful to us as well. An ALL DAY Note with or without Color options would be wonderful. Right now, I schedule Blessings, Second Collections, etc. in an organization named Administration and place them in the Sanctuary facility (so a conflict occurs every time). It's not the best solution. The Note or All Day option would have to be repeatable for future years, otherwise it wouldn't be the most viable option. Just a thought there.
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I agree with the all day option, and along with all events, there should be a duplicate button right on the screen, like where you have cancellation of inactive button so we can duplicate the event and just make the changes right on the screen just like when we open an event and have to change the date or start time, etc. This was in a previous post regarding an easier way to duplicate annual events.
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It is wonderful to hear that others are manipulating the system to make it work. We have "NOTES" and "THEMES" as Facilities also just called something else.  I schedule an event using the Facility from 12:00 am to 12:01 am so that they appear at the top of the list in the calendar.  I then use the Facility color to have them stand out. I would like to see the ability to use two different colors on the printed calendar.  If I have an event at the after-mass tables (via a facility) and it is a fundraiser (via event calendar), the event is then listed twice on the calendar in each color.  It would be great to have a diagonal color scheme to show both colors on one event listing.  Also, on a printed calendar when you color a special day, it moves it to the bottom of the day in a "banner".  Why can this not stay at the top where it prints without color?  I called the support line on this and there was no solution to color and keeping at the top of the day.