Show events that are marked to be rescheduled in the calendar!

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I run into this problem multiple times now - and it has caused quite a few problems with scheduling conflicts between our ministries! I like to use the Calendar (Daily Schedule) View events, rather than the events Listing View to view everything that is going on that particular day. And the Calendar View is how all our other Ministries view the day's events to check for availability too.

If an event is scheduled in the Parish Hall, and I schedule a new event in the Parish Hall during the same time, it tells me there is a conflict and asks me to mark one of them for rescheduling, however when I do this I can then no longer see that event in the Calendar view - and if I mark both of them to be rescheduled then nothing shows in the calendar view - it looks available!

This is very difficult for all the rest of the ministries who only use the calendar view to check for tentative availability for instance, and don't have permissions or access to any of the other reporting features - they just want to check and see if the hall or church is available during a certain time (for a funeral for instance, while they are in the meeting with the family), and if I have things marked to reschedule they don't show up! 

Why can't event marked to be rescheduled still show in the calendar view but be greyed out or in a different color?!  Or have a checkbox similar to the one we have for "show setup and cleanup" to "show events marked to reschedule" so we can at least view the rescheduled and inactive events in the Calendar View if we need to?

I also have another related problem with the Calendar View I think I have mentioned here before. If I do have 2 things scheduled in the same room during the same time, only ONE shows in the Calendar View - it basically overlaps and covers the 2nd event. I NEED these to show side by side (more like Google's calendar) so I can see in the Calendar View where there are issues I need to resolve.  Simply running a conflict report doesn't help....we have way too many "small" conflicts with the setup/cleanup times for Mass, etc conflicting with setup/cleanup times for morning prayer, rosary etc and the report is too long even with the Additional Selections Conditions to refine it, because some of them are legitimate conflicts that we do need to see.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this! Thank you!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi, Adrienne.  I agree that our calendars, especially the daily view, are a bit out of date.  We have just begun work on our version 9.  One of our goals for the new version is a face lift for our calendars where you can display event colors, rescheduled events, and especially a way to show events scheduled at the same time in the same place.  These are not necessarily conflicting events and should be displayed on the calendar.  I hate to make you wait, but it will take a pretty big chunk of time to revamp our calendars.  Look for version 9 some time in the 2nd half of 2018.

Thank you for your wonderful suggestions.  I am anxious to hear any other suggestions you might have that we can consider for version 9.