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This mostly pertains to PDS Facility Scheduler, since that is what I use the most, but these suggestions would also be helpful in PDS Church Office I think too.

1.  In any of the remarks/notes (basically any open field in the programs where you can add customized text) in Scheduler, I would like to be able to put a hard return to have some space between the lines, to separate the paragraphs, so everything doesn't look like one run on sentence!

If I hit the ENTER key now, it has the properties of a TAB, and it puts my cursor into the next field instead of giving me some space between paragraphs.

This is what it looks like now:

However, if I type up the text in Notepad or a text editor, I can copy and paste the text into the remarks field with the space between the paragraphs, but this is a whole extra step and kind of a pain.

2.  It would also be nice to be able to enlarge the remarks/notes fields as well.  Most programs and web forms these days have the option to enlarge the field while you are working in it - this would be very handy!

3.  I would also love to have the option of putting a "Date/Time Stamp" button for the beginning or end of comments.

We like to keep track of when remarks are added and/or edited, and having a little icon for adding a date/time stamp there would save time and also remind users to use it too. (and if the date/time stamp also included the logged in username I wouldn't be opposed to that too!)  ;-)

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Posted 2 years ago

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Adrienne - I can help with number 1.  Press the key combination Ctrl-Enter to add a blank line in any of the remarks fields in any of the PDS programs.   I believer number 2 would need to be an enhancement request.  For number 3, I haven't found a key combination to automatically enter the date.  If you are in a date field, you can press the letter "T" to put in today's date, but that doesn't help you in a remarks field.  
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Thanks, David, for the tip on creating the line break. I have been wondering that forever about the remarks field in Church Office. Adrienne, thank you for raising the question.
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Yes!!! David,  thank you so much!!!  Now I wonder if there are other keyboard shortcuts for this program I am missing out on!? Thank you!!
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My favorite in Church Office is Alt+Q.
I am always using this to search for my families/members...
Hmmm... I've been using the CTRL key for hard right which does indeed display break in program view if that is only place you need it but doesn't print that way when doing reports which is our need for our facility crew to be able to read setup reports easier.

It used to display break when printed but disappeared umteen updates ago .