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I print a great deal of custom reports for different parish organizations. More and more I am coming across the scenario where I may have an event primarily under one org that also needs to appear under another org only for 'specific events'. Just a couple examples: 1) have Life Teen with an ASU Sorority event which needs to not only appear on Life Teen Report but also Outside Group Report. 2) have Men's Club Coat and Blanket Drive for homeless shelter which needs to not only appear on Men's Club report but also on Social Justice and Outreach Report.  As with any life scenario there are any number of variables where there is generally more than one way to accomplish something; though with the variety of ways I have tried it has been to no avail and generally point the cross over orgs in those scenarios to the ALL event cal so they are assured of its scheduling. For PDS to create the sub org in the program platform is probably the easy part. The layered coding for event to appear on multiple org reports probably the bigger challenge. Food for thought someday #KarenKomlos ?
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