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In the Church Office family keyword description field, we have multiple lines with the same keyword. Is it possible to make an improvement to delete duplicate keywords in the field? EXAMPLE: This was created by our having created a keyword of "Appeal 2011" and when we started a new appeal in 2012 we combined the keywords "Appeal" with "Appeal 2011" so that there are no "Appeal 2011" keywords in the family keyword list but now only "Appeal" keyword description. The problem is now that everytime we have done this action (at the end of each year) it has added another line in the family keyword description field with the word "Appeal". Now there are parishioner families with multiple lines of "Appeal" in the family keyword list. It would be great to be able to delete the duplicate occurences of the keyword "Appeal" in each family record. Doing this on each family record one by one will take until the Second Coming so I am hoping you will come up with a quick clean-up solution routine we can run on the keywords to eliminate duplicates. Yea!!!
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Posted 8 years ago

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Whenever I have used the Combine Keywords function in the Family Keyword list in the Setup tab, it has not left duplicate keywords. Are there multiple instances of "Appeal" in the Family Keyword list under the Setup tab as well as multiple instances of "Appeal" in the family's individual keyword list? Strange...
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I think if you create a new temporary family keyword for all families with the current "appeal" keyword it will only add one of this temporary keyword.

Then delete the "appeal" keyword from the table and it will be deleted from every family.

You can then rename the temporary keyword or add the appeal keyword back to each family.

I don't think the quick posting will allow duplicate keywords to be created.

The quick posting process will add the above keywords.

Make sure you do a backup before you start this process. Check the results before you make any other changes to the database.

Backups are your insurance against any mistakes but only if you review the results.

Good Luck!
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Hi Bob. You can clear this up today with the program you have. The process is relatively quick and you won't have to correct each family manually.

Use the Quick Posting of Keywords process to add a "Appeal - New" keyword. Use additional selection to have this automatically posted to everyone that has the current Appeal record. Only one "new" keyword will be posted per family.

Once the new keyword is in place, use the keyword maintenance screen to remove the old version. This should remove the lines from the family keyword screens as well. Then just rename "Appeal - New" back to plain old "Appeal". The support team can give you additional assistance if necessary.

Be sure to make a backup before starting, just in case.
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Thank you so very much - your instructions worked perfectly! It is totally cleaned up and now thanks to you and others on this site I have gained more knowledge in using the program. THANKS!