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When using the Quick Posting -> Payment/Donation Entry screen you have an option to enter a default entry in the Check#/Cash field. If you enter a default here it will fill the box on every line item with the entry, for example "Cash". This is great except, if you would like to enter a check number when you tab into that box you have to backspace or delete through the word "cash".
Many programs with defaults similar to this and even screens in PDS like Pledge Card Entry Quick Posting (default reminder) would not populate the field with the word Cash when the line is created but instead enter it only after leaving the entry blank. A second possible option would be to have the word Cash highlighted automatically when you tab into the field. That way if you did start typing a check number it would clear the word cash and accept the check number.
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Posted 4 years ago

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It's a good suggestion, James. There is a need for it, and I like it.
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The way I handle this is to sort my envelopes (or have my collection counters sort them) into cash or check bundles. Our parish has 6 masses every weekend, so we have 8 teams of counters who have to count usually one time per month; there are 4 morning teams which count the 6:00 Saturday mass, the 7:30 and 9:00 Sunday masses, and 4 afternoon teams which count the 11:00, 1:00 and 5:00 Sunday masses. Once each quarter, two of the teams will have to count the 5th Sunday masses. This works pretty well.

I have each team sort the collections, by mass, into cash or check bundles, and within each of those, sort them by envelope type (regular and special collection envelopes). They make copies of the loose checks in each mass collection. 

When I get the paperwork from the teams, I will set the autofill to "cash" and enter the cash envelopes for the first mass. Then I set the autofill to blank and enter the check envelopes. I run a print summary to make sure I balance after each mass. It's much easier to locate a problem if you don't have to look through the whole batch. I don't enter the loose cash or loose checks until after I've entered all 3 masses' envelopes. Having the batches pre-sorted by envelope type means you don't have to keep changing the fund/activity or check # autofill. 

When entering I take advantage of having PDS speak the envelope number and the amount. This enables me to enter much faster, since I don't have to keep looking at the screen to verify that I've entered the correct information.

Before I start entering the loose check copies, I look up the Env/ID#s for each check and write it on the copy. If there are any checks for people who are not in the system, I go ahead and set them up and assign a temporary number (a number that is not in the range of registered parishioners). This allows me to enter these items much faster than having to look them up as I go. I do, however, look up to make sure that the info pulled up matches that on the check (or at least that I know that the account is the same if the information has changed). 

I wish there was an option to have PDS speak the check number as well, but, alas, I have been asking for this for a few years and no one has come to my rescue yet.  I also wish that the box at the bottom of the screen could default to unchecked (the Display message when the family does not have the fund set up), but no one seems to care about that either. Oh well.
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Dennis, I'll talk with the team about being able to "speak" the check number.  PDS-5094. 
We've got conflicting thoughts about the checkbox for "Display message when family doesn't have the fund setup".  The most common fear is that you're posting a contribution to the wrong family - so if you have a contribution and the family doesn't have the fund setup yet - it is a real cause to double check things. 
There are two different "normal" states.  At the beginning of the year, where NO families may have the fund setup - it makes no sense to interrupt you for EVERY single entry.  So clearly then you should uncheck the box and complete the batch.  However, once your "regular" contributors have all given once, usually within the first month or so, you do want the warning.  So, we've gone with the Always Checked default.  This should be right 95% of the time and the other 5% it requires you to uncheck a single box once per batch.
We could address this a couple of ways - default to unchecked, or remember the state.  Both situations would prevent the warning from coming up under legitimate circumstances if the user fails to remember to check the box.
I wish the program could just know intuitively what we wanted all the time, but we're not there yet.  So unchecking a single box once per batch to avoid the message seems like a reasonable compromise. 
If you're adding these new families as a separate step before posting you could add the fund then and that would avoid the message too.
The checkbox seems to bother you - I'm trying to see if there is more to this than what I currently understand.
Another option would be to remove the checkbox and message entirely - but that would be a problem for those who do rely on this method to catch a mis-posted entry.
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James, I like your suggestion.  I talk to the development team about this.  PDS-5093
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