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The current Alter Processes Tab needs a couple of more options to search for when I am looking to change some events:

When I schedule recurring events, and then need to make a change to only some of them it is very time-consuming and difficult when I need to use the Processes tab to Alter an Existing Schedule as I often need to change a start or end time on a number of entries at a time - and usually only on a certain day.

For instance, I recently scheduled our "Prayer Group" that meets in the church every day from 9am - 9:30am but on Saturday it meets from 9:30 - 10am for the entire fiscal year (July - June). 

I accidentally scheduled the Saturday Prayer Group from 9:30am to 10PM by mistake, so now I have to go in and do an Alter Process to change the times on all of these from PM back to AM. 

Or if I need to move the Prayer Group from one facility to another, but just on Mondays, this is very hard to do because when I pull up the Alter Process and put in my organization "Prayer Group" it pulls up ALL the meetings from every single day...and I have to manually go through and select just the Saturdays or Mondays I need to change.

This is made even harder when the listing that comes up doesn't list the Day of the week and I have to use my actual printed calendar to make sure I select all the correct dates at individual times to change these:

But It would be nice if there was an option to choose a day of the week to alter or a particular time to alter during the initial search, rather than just choosing a span of dates.

maybe something like this?


Just an idea for future updates!  Thanks!

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Posted 1 year ago

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I totally agree. To avoid issues like this, I have added days of the week and/or times to my event names.  It would be simpler if we could filter by these fields.